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Did you know that fear of Spiders is one of the most popular Phobias in the United States?

A spider infestation can cause contamination of food, and depending on the species, there could be health risks if you unexpectedly happen upon a web or lurking spider. Taking action to prevent spiders goes a long way in avoiding these risks.

Pennsylvania Spiders that Bite

  • Wolf Spider      The wolf spiders in Pennsylvania can measure between 18 and 35 millimeters in length. They are usually found in the soil and between boards, rocks and firewood outside. They’re hunting spiders and can usually be found at night. They will bite humans if trapped against your skin. Their venom normally doesn’t cause a serious reaction in humans. The pain of a bite is usually short lived and might leave a red mark.
  • Sac Spiders– They are normally between 4-10 mm and can be found in foliage and in the corners and ceilings of your house. They are known for biting humans and they have even been seen crawling across human skin biting repeatedly. This bite can be very painful and cause severe itching.
  • Southern Black Widow Spider– a small spider measuring between 3/16 and 3/8 of an inch in length. They are shiny black and have a distinct red hour glass symbol on there abdomen. The venom delivered in a bite from a black widow is a neurotoxin and can cause symptoms such as fever, chills, elevated blood pressure, burning in the skin, fatigue, difficulty breathing and muscle aches. You need to see medical attention if bitten, but it’s rarely fatal.

The common House Spider

The common house spider is most often encountered indoors. It is a nuisance pest, probably more because of its webs than the spider itself. These spiders do not pose a threat to humans, however can cause a huge nuisance. They are likely to prosper inside structures like garages, sheds, barns and warehouses. Outside, these domestic spiders are often around windows and under eaves, especially near light sources that attract prey.

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