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Bed Bugs are a Buggy Problem

Think Bed Bugs are only a concern when you are staying at a Hotel?  Think Again; 89% of Bed bug treatments are done in single family homes.  They are also extremely hardy, as they can survive several months without eating, surviving in furniture, bags, or suitcases. They also can survive diverse temperatures from near freezing to 122 degrees.  This creatures hardiness makes it nearly impossible to be treated by a DIYer.  What can you do to combat this creature?

Contact a certified professional from today and we will:

1. Do a thorough inspection to determine if treatment is necessary
2. Determine a course of action; our professionals not only treat the adult infestation but we also attack their larvae thus preventing a second generation of infestation
3. Monitoring; upon request, we will do periodic inspection to prevent any further outbreaks after the initial treatment process(es)

Contact us today. 

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