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Pennsylvania’s most beneficial creature and a natural method of insect control, but once they take up residence inside our homes it can be a costly and a serious problem! Bats are known for eating their body weight in insects a day. Not only can bats cause structure damage to your home or building, they can also spread different diseases. It is very important to let professionals handle your bat infestation.

What a bat infestation looks like

  • Notice roosting bats
  • Notice Bat droppings (also referred to as guano)
  • You hear scratching coming from an attic
  • Smell something funny coming from the attic
  • See bats flying from outside your residence

Types of Bats common to Pennsylvania ( Philadelphia, Allentown, Scranton, Wilkes Barre, Poconos)

Common Name
  • Little brown
  • Big brown
  • Eastern pipistrelle
  • Northern long-eared
  • Indiana
  • Small-footed
  • Silver-haired
  • Red

Bats, like other animals, can carry rabies. Along with the risk of rabies, bat guano carries the spores for Histoplasmosis, a disease mainly affecting the lungs of people, especially those with immunity disorders, the elderly, and the very young. With over 17 years of experience. NEPA Pest Control promises the most environmentally friendly, discreet, professional, and affordable services in Bat removal.




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