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If you see a cockroach, don’t wait, call today…

Where there is one cockroach there could be thousands.  If you think you may have a cockroach problem pick up the phone and let our experinced team get rid of your problem.

Signs of a cockroach infestation

The only way to know if you have a problem with cockroaches is to get a proper inspection from NEPA Pest Control. Aside from seeing them on a regular basis, they can hide in several places and even be resistant to certain chemicals.

Cockroach control

Cockroach control takes thorough management by pest elimination professionals – you don’t want to handle an infestation alone, especially with the chance of medical hazards.s. Thus, the first part of successful management is inspection. Once the situation is assessed and understood, we’ll help you devise the best solution.

Big problems! Eight legs, no wings, poor vision

Spiders, those eight-legged arachnids that don’t have wings, see poorly, and have two body segments, are one of the primary pests that may infiltrate your home.

Where to find them

If you’re concerned about a possible spider infestation, try and find the possible source location. Basements, crawl spaces, and other damp areas of your home are most likely the areas in which you’ll find the eight-legged creatures nesting. Other spiders may prefer dry, warm areas, such as subfloor air vents, upper corners of rooms, and attics.

When arachnids attack, fight back

When you first notice an abundance of spiders scuttling through your home, give us a call immediately. Spiders are capable of reproducing at a fast rate, and you could eventually have an even more serious case on your hands.

Sealing off your home – the key to insect elimination

To avoid stink bugs, brown bugs that massively invade in the fall, and other intolerable insects such as ticks, fleas, termites, and bees, let us help you seal off your home and make it an impenetrable fortress!

Don’t let the bedbugs bite

Bedbugs, small insects that feed on blood from animals or people, could be dining on you while you sleep – and you won’t even wake up for it! However, the results are obvious – the first sign of bed bugs are itchy, red bites on your skin. These bugs can be hard to identify and even harder to remove without our help.

Termites, fleas, and stink bugs – oh my!

Termites, fleas, and bees are all intolerable insects that can cause serious damage. To control termites, the key is moisture elimination and making termite food sources inaccessible. Bees are a bit trickier to control because the nest must be removed – this is definitely a task you’ll want our help with!




About us

NEPA Pest Control is a company that offers eco-friendly pest management services along with traditional pest management services. That has 17 years of  professional experience in the pest control industry.

For your peace of mind, we’re licensed and bonded, and our employees are screened so that we can provide second-to-none service.

In addition, the services we provide are always discreet and done right the first time.