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How can I tell if I have a rat infestation?

One of the first indicators of a rat infestation is to see rat droppings. Rats will leave behind there droppings in dark corners, along the walls, and along baseboards. Rat dropping are noticeably bigger then mice droppings and can range from ½ inch to 1 inch in length. As rat droppings age they will turn grey in color and crumble. Rats are nocturnal animals and sometimes your able to hear them as you lay in bed. You will be able to hear squeaks, scratching, rustling and scampering sounds as the rats travel about in search of food and build their nests. Listening for these sounds just before bedtime can help to verify a rat problem.

The Two Common Rats that cause a Pest issue in NEPA

  • Roof Rats- Roof rats like to live in high places, such as trees, but they will also invade a structure through vulnerable rooflines, eaves, and soffits.
  • Norway Rats- These rats are ground rats. They prefer to dig burrows under junk piles in your yard and use low tunnels into your home. If you have Norway rats inside, they should also leave evidence of outside your home.

Can Rats Cause Damage to your home?

Yes, rats can cause serious damage to your home. Outside of the many health risks they pose, and their ability to soil and contaminate food, they are also gnawing rodents, and they often cause damage to several parts of your home. You won’t only be bothered by the noise you hear at night, but they are causing damage you can’t see. From beams to electrical wires, Rats can cause thousands of dollars in damage to your home.

As Rats are making your house their home. There is only one thing to do; Call the experts at NEPA Pest Control 570-840-0693! With over 17 years of experience we can save your pockets thousands of dollars in damage. We can also save, perhaps the most important thing, a piece of mind. Please contact us today.




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