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What is an Earwig?

Earwigs tend to look like a beetle. They are short-winged, fast moving insects about one-half to one inch in length.  They have chewing-type mouthparts, a pair of pincer-like appendages at the tip of their abdomen and are dark brown in color.

Can an Earwig cause damage to my Residence?

A large Earwig infestation is very rare, as they do not live in a colony or have a set pecking order. When several Earwigs are seen in one area, it is normally because of the habitat and good food source. Dead plant material is an Earwigs number one food source and they can cause havoc on a garden. Earwigs love wet moist areas of your home such as basements and crawl spaces. Earwigs are a big nuisance and can destroy your garden but will rarely cause structural damage to your house.

How did Earwigs get inside my house?

Earwigs can enter homes through cracks, crevices, and holes that lead inside your structure. Some popular ways of entry are basement doors, foundation vents, access doors to crawl spaces. Sometimes Earwigs make their entry, traveling on plants that are brought from outside, to inside your house.

Are Earwigs Dangerous?

One of the biggest misconceptions are that Earwigs can be dangerous. They may look intimidating, but they are not poisonous and will not sting. They can pinch you if bothered, but it will rarely break the skin. The greatest danger that Earwigs pose, is to garden plants. They will feed on the plants and seedlings.

If I notice and Earwig Infestation, what do I do?

Contact the experts at NEPA Pest Control if you notice and Earwig infestation. We will be happy to take care of the problem, and help you eliminate methods of entry to your house. We offer the most effective and eco-friendly solutions in the business.

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